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Oath of Service

Today I did an Oath of Service for the third time in my life. It’s fascinating to reflect on the differences of how each of them felt. The first time was when I enlisted to serve my country as a U.S. Army Musician. The second time was as an AmeriCorps VISTA in 2016 serving at Naropa University to start building Veteran services (outside of a VA certifying official for veteran benefits). This third time was again with AmeriCorps at the same location.

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Writing a Book

My journey of writing a book began in a writing class at Naropa University during the fall semester of 2013. It was my third time taking the class and I needed to make sure I did well on the final assignment to pass it. Our final assignment was to turn in a manuscript of the work we had done during the semester. I wasn’t impressed with the semester’s work I had done, so I inquired about writing one paper for the final assignment. The teacher mentioned it would be firmly graded and had to be the same length as the final manuscript (about 20-25 pages).

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