Yoga Means Union, Shall We Dance?

Providing tools that promote stillness amidst the constant activities of life through the practices of Yoga, Music, and Partner Dance.


One could say that Life and Music is a balance and play of tension and relaxation, similar to the yin and yang principle in everything. Nature provides a continuous dance within and around tension/relaxation and yin/yang. We will explore the infinite ways in which one can play with the spectrum of tension and relaxation in our bodies.

Photo by  Fiona Small

Photo by Fiona Small

Trumpet Meditation

With sound as central focus, let your mind and body relax into the adventure of the present moment.

Photo by Roland Johnson

Photo by Roland Johnson

Partner Dance

It is a play with the yin/yang principles of an interpersonal exchange; listening/speaking, lead/follow, push/pull, slow/fast. It is intentionally listening within and without by checking in with our body, listening to our partner, the music, and the environment around us. 


Dennis is a kriya yoga meditation practitioner, trumpet player, partner dancer, skier, cyclist, and tai chi inspired practitioner. He is a ballroom dance champion, Army veteran, and an AmeriCorps alumnus. Dennis’ instructions are kind, calm, and clear, emphasizing different aspects of balance in each posture. He gives people the space to dive deeper inside their bodies, being present with what is here, now. He has been described as a ‘very conscientious instructor’; resulting in joyful life changes. Off the cushion, he enjoys walking and bicycling in nature, partner/social dancing, skiing, playing trumpet, and the spontaneity each day brings. Dennis offers group and private sessions. He seeks peaceful meditation retreats for self-rejuvenation, when possible. 

Dennis is currently an AmeriCorps VISTA at Naropa University looking at veteran services. He will be starting Sierra Nevada College’s Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts program January 2020.