While I was stationed in South Korea, in 2010, I had what I would call a dance high. I was dancing at a Salsa Club in the Itaewon district of Seoul (in July). I started dancing with a partner I dance with often and this evening we connected more than usual. The first dance was so unusually connected that we continued to dance for another couple songs or so after the initial dance. Usually I change partners after one or two songs, this time I did not want the dance to end.

After we finished I sat down for about five or so songs, just feeling the endorphins (or whatever the chemical reaction was that made me feel like I was high) and joy that resulted from connecting with my partner. The connection was of synchronicity between the music, our eye contact, our body connection, our connection with each other and the music, and the flow that happened within each movement.

I have not had this specific experience since I was in Seoul, Korea in 2010. A memory to cherish, analyze, and learn from.