Dennis’s Trumpet Meditation carries a bright source of inspiration on every note, as well as the soulful significance that could only be conveyed by a being who served his country and played Taps to honor fallen soldiers. My heart felt both light and deeply touched as the beautiful trumpet notes hung in the room and my meditation followed its stunning flow. I could never have expected and now crave his profound and artful offering. Dennis’s thoughtful asana classes aim the practitioner in an insightful, creative and sound progression towards this meditative experience. This. This. This is not to be missed.
— Shannon Paige, ERYT 500, Founder of the School of Embodied Poetry and Earth Yoga
If I could sum up Dennis in 2 words, those words would be ‘genuine kindness.’ From the first moment I met Dennis, I felt his warmth and his compassion. He has a quiet and gentle demeanor about him but it is also very evident that he is wise, articulate, and he has a very unique perspective of the world. Dennis has had some incredibly interesting experiences in life yet he always speaks about his accomplishments in a humble way. When having a conversation with Dennis, he gives his undivided attention and you can tell that he is genuinely interested in hearing what someone has to say.
— Ashley Gruba
I have been with my husband for 34 years. We’ve danced infrequently through those years since we just couldn’t seem to manage getting in synch with each other. I always dreamed of partner dancing but instead we would dance side by side and do our own thing.

I was amazed that within a short time in Dennis’s partner dancing class I felt a synchronization with my husband Larry I had never experienced before. We moved as a unit, it was heavenly and so fulfilling. Dennis gave very clear and precise instructions. He is an excellent dancer himself and demonstrates beautifully what he’s conveying. Dennis is a very gentle, kind and patient teacher. We learned so much from him. Whenever I see Dennis I feel very grateful too him for his teaching.
— Muni Fuss
Dennis is both an excellent dancer and a wonderful teacher. I had the privilege of dancing with him for two and a half years and I learned so much!

He has the technical skills, knowledge, and experience required to teach many specific dances (salsa, West Coast Swing, tango, etc.), but what I found most valuable was his training in partner communication. I saw people come into his class as complete beginners (no dance experience at all) and leave after an hour or two with them being able to both lead and follow with a partner to music–and have a great time doing it!

My work with Dennis on the dance floor has made me a better leader and listener in the rest of my life, and given me the confidence to be able to dance along with almost anyone! Thanks, Dennis–if we’re ever in the same state again, I’ve always got a dance with your name on it.
— Steph Comport
I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dennis’ instruction changed my life. I can go to any event and be fully confident to dance with any partner to any type of dance. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from Dennis and look forward to years of dancing fun.
— Tess Moreno
Dennis is a very conscientious instructor who takes great pride in his art. He is one of the best instructors I’ve had. Miss you Dennis
— Lorraine Chavira
I have been ballroom dancing for about 6 years now on and off. Moving to Boulder was such a delight in so many ways. Although I kept striking out with dance instructors. Luckily I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis a few months back. He is by far my favorite dancer in the Boulder area. His instruction is precise, but he can also let loose and keep it fun. He is the only person I would ever recommend for lessons around. If you have been considering learning the art of partner dancing, look no further…. Dennis is the best!
— Donell Wicklund
Dennis is an amazing dance partner and teacher. It has been my privilege to perform with Dennis. His skills and talent and ability to lead made me look… like I really knew what I was doing, even as a beginner. I have enjoyed watching him grow over the years by following him on the internet. I applaud his success and wish him the best in life. I hope you get a chance to dance and learn from him.

I am honored to call Dennis my friend.
— Lynnette Shunn
Dennis is a master. Totally in control of his body and so easy to follow, I’ve loved dancing with him and learning more about moving from my core in partner dance (we’ve worked on salsa and west coast swing together). He’s so easy to get along with and I’d recommend any beginner dancer wanting to rapidly accelerate their confidence and comfort in dance to work with Dennis!
— Ginger Kern